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10 Amazing Experiences to Share With Your Kids Before They Turn 13

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There is a something magical about the entire years of one’s childhood that is unforgettable and filled with lifelong memories that parents should try in as much as possible make beautiful by creating an atmosphere that is conducive for the family to bond before their kids turn 13 years of age (teenagers).

In this blog post, we will be exploring 10 amazing experiences to share with your kids before they turn 13 just to ensure that you make good memories as your kids come of age. If you have more ideas and will like to share for others to benefit, kindly do so via the comment section of this post.

1. Explore Nature

One of the ways to make the best out of your kids’ childhood memories is to take them on outdoor adventures, be it hiking through scenic trails, going to national parks or even engaging with nature in a secured environment. This will not only boost the bonding chances with the kids but will instill love and respect for their environment and nature as a whole.

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2. Visit To The Museum

A visit to museum not only boost the knowledge of history capacity of kids but it also expose them to art and culture. Your choice of the museum that align with their area of interest is another thing you should put into consideration, be it art, science or historical museum. This goes a long way to boost their curiosity to want to ask valuable questions for educational purposes thereby making the adventure more enjoyable.

3. Family Game Night

You should make it a point of duty to set aside dedicated time (at least ones a week) for board games, card games and even video games as the case of interest may be (this depend solely on your understanding of what the kids like doing). Games Night has proven to be booster for healthy competitions, problem-solving skills and provides an opportunity for joyful family bonding.

4. Road Trips

Embark on memorable family road trips at least twice yearly to explore new places, weather and foods. Let your kids be in the planning process of the trip and packing all the needed essentials. This form of adventure will strengthen family bond, exposure and long lasting memories.

5. Attend Live Shows

Expose your children to the beauty of live performances, whether it is a musical concert, theater production or a comedy show. Enjoying entertainment together as family in a shared space creates a sense of unity and introduces the kids to new forms of appreciating art and other medium of expression by creatives.

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6. Cook Together

It is advisable to involve and introduce your children to kitchen duties, teaching them family local recipes or trying out new recipes. Cooking together as a family can be fun, a joyous experience and teaches important life skills and the spirit of team work. Allow your kids put in their effort to cook something for the whole family’s consumption while guiding them through the process.

7. Family Photo Shoot

It is important to capture most (if not all) special moments of your child’s life by arranging for a professional family photo shoot. Allow your children express themselves the best way they can and invite their their closest friends. This photos will serve as some the most cherished moments from their childhood when come of age.

8. Throw a Surprise Party

Archiving a milestone that deserves a surprise celebration (this milestone to be a birthday). Reach out to your child’s friends and family to organise and throw a surprise party they will never forget. Bear in mind their favorite decorations, meals/snacks and indoor and outdoor activities, and sit back to see the expression on their face (it will be worth it).

9. Volunteer As Family

Avail yourselves as a family in local community service every ones a while. This can include volunteering at local soup kitchen, visiting a nursing home to spend time with the elderly and organising a community cleanup. These experiences built compassion and a sense of responsibility towards others in your children.

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10. Movie Marathon Night

Finally to wrap up this post let us talk movie nights. To make the best of your children’s childhood you need to include a movie night for the whole family to bond through visual effects of great entertainment. Set up a cozy movie night at home, complete with popcorn and blankets and let your kids/children choose their favorite movie or you can introduce them to a classic film you watched while growing up. Spend the entire evening to enjoy great cinema experience together as a family, this creates a sense of nostalgia and bonding over shared unforgettable cinematic experience.

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